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Start a portal for online crowdfunding...
Make commissions, sell your items, start a community!

Regulatory Neutral

You engage your trusted compliance partners to ensure you meet your regulations locally. We get out of the way and provide you with one powerful app to get it done!

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Ecosystem in the Cloud

Choose our IBM CLoud embedded in a bare steel “tank” of an infrastructure and highest security levels straight. Scalability to load quickly in 170 countries.

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Accelerate your capital goals

Offer your capital raise customers a quicker payment network, turbo-charged credit card/ACH functionality to get to your goal faster and safer.

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All you need is passion!

With a decade of expertise in crowdfunding technology and consulting, we‘re happy to bring you the most advanced and flexible capital raising tools on the globe. We’ve made your experience clean and easy, currency transfers blazing fast, and then added the extra ability to turn you into a first-time entrepreneur, or expand the horizons of experienced founders and investors!

  • Our market tested app built with Microsoft and IBM
  • Low rate payment transfers in over 120 countries !
  • Scalable solution from startup crowdfunding to advanced raises
  • Regulatory Neutral for any jurisdiction worldwide
  • Rich content layouts for campaign details pages
  • All the social sharing tools crowdfunding is known for

Clean and simple user experience!

We built our user interface to be intuitive and clean without unnecessary distraction or unneeded clunky visuals or geeky extended explanations. It’s really easy to use and trust for safety!

Let’s call it Web 2.5?

So comfortable to use, it surpasses 2.0 standards, but can’t quite open your garage. Yet.

Yet traditional 🙂

Dont’ worry, we can still provide you with much needed old school reporting and lots of it!

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Open source code

Build your own features
Distribute as you see fit
Docs and Technical Manual
Use as a front end stack
Can integrate with blockchain
100% ownership by you