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A few features of the platform:

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Credit card and ACh payments in 120 countries

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Common questions

It can be overwhelming when shopping for a new technology solution, especially when it represents a whole new direction on the horizon. But trust us, that your crowdfunding application will be truly “future-proof.”
How long does it take for my platform to go live?
Our engineering team will have your platform fully installed, configured and tested within 1 week of supplying us with your hosting details. They will then contact you for an initial walk-through and hand over your credentials to access your front end files for you to fully manage your branding and marketing.
Will I have access to my data?
Your back-office interface contains a historical record of all transactions, and all your end user data. While you have tools to export, download and print this data, we do not offer the ability to offload any ful data sets, nor is it possible to do so from the blockchain.
Does CrowdForce provide web design of my portal?
No, sorry we don’t. We need to stay focused on the software engineering side of things. However, we do provide your team with full front end access from which they will be able to provide full design services and complete your branding. .NET and CSS expertise a plus.
How does CrowdForce offer regular crowdfunding?
Our engine is architected from crowdfunding first, so all tools are available for both standard equity raises with direct payments, rewards with direct donations, as well as token issuance. Each Issuer chooses how they want to raise capital when launching their campaign, and all tools are included to complete the raise accordingly.
What kind of support do you offer?
CrowdForce support team is available on our Slack Dev Channel to answer any questions you may have about design and UI customization. In addition, they are monitoring our infrastructure constantly to assure uptime and security.
Where is my platform hosted?
You can choose your own hosting with the following specifications: Must be Windows server with the latest versions of the .NET framework and mySQL. Also needs to have root access for us to properly install your dB. We suggest LiquidWeb’s VPS hosting on Windows which is very reasonable and offers great support. Note - please do NOT try to skimp on hosting with this type of application, Shared hosting on Godaddy or similar will NOT WORK.

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