Alan Moore: The revolution will be crowd-funded

The “Watchmen” creator talks about his new Kickstarter-funded film series, zombies and the surveillance state “I’m remote from most technology to the point that I’m kind of Amish,” admits the legendarily bearded author without an Internet connection, mobile phone or even a functioning television. But Alan Moore — the soft-spoken sage behind prescient comics like “V for Vendetta,” “From Hell,” “Watchmen” and many more — nevertheless does have a Kickstarter project up for procuring finishing funds for his short-film series, “Jimmy’s End.” It’s his second trip through the crowd-funding concept, having previously signed up alongside “V for Vendetta” artist David Lloyd, “Maus’s” Art Spiegelman and scores of other talents for Black Mask Studios’ sprawling Occupy Comicsseries, which too started life on Kickstarter. The series started as a photo essay about burlesque for Moore’s indie zine Dodgem Logic with artist (and spouse) Melinda Gebbie and fellow Northamptonian photographer Mitch Jenkins. Jenkins came up with the idea of a short film based on the shoot using the same uncanny characters, then investors asked for a series of short films and maybe a television series, and the next thing you know, the productive Moore had written an interlocking narrative for all of them as well as a feature film spinoff called “The Show […]

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