Capital Creation & Crowdfunding Explored: CrowdFund Roundup

Is CrowdFunding a Scam Boom or Bust, Godsend or Scam, New Vision or Confidence scheme; we’re amazed at the conclusions leapt to about crowdfunding. So much is competing for our attention that often hyperbole rather than objectivity is what we remember. CrowdFunding is the best process realignment since the invention of the automobile! CrowdFunding, like all systemic modifications to the business process, will build slowly towards a new capital formation process encompassing all that is right about attracting capital to high quality ideas. It will do this it brings the ultimate consumer into the product lifecycle sometimes even before the money is needed and will encourage the ultimate consumer to stay involved during the entire product lifecycle. It is clear that the regulators, working from a position of fear caused by their lack of control of the current capital system (Remember Enron and Bernard Madoff?), are imposing constraints of the broken system into crowdfunding. Change is hard and a part of life as we know it. Challenging the orthodoxy always has a period where the an outdated process is attempted as the solution even when it is no longer the best course of action. Many hate change and always seek […]

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