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Nebraska crowdfunding coming soon

Nebraska State Senate has introduced Bill LB 226, which initiates a model for Nebraska equity crowdfunding. Designed to work like other crowdfunding platforms like Gofundme, instead of accepting donations, an equity crowdfunding platform gives state resident...
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Montana crowdfunding is due soon

Montana crowdfunding will give businesses the opportunity to raise money in an alternative fashion, if a bill proposed becomes law. The internet has paved the way for businesses to raise the capital necessary to get operate. Crowdfunding platforms allow...
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Michigan Crowdfunding update

The Michigan crowdfunding exemption, which went into law in 2013, altered Michigan’s securities act to offer an exemption from registering under the existing securities law, for a company’s sale of its securities, specifically sales of securities...
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Maine crowdfunding regulations

The Maine crowdfunding bill that would give Maine businesses more options in the way they raise capital was passed in 2014. The bill would make it possible for Maine businesses to raise capital by selling small amounts of equity to individual investors...
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