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Kansas crowdfunding, the lead state

In April 2012 the President signed the US JOBS Act into law, and the SEC still has not finalized regulations that would allow companies to sell shares on crowdfunding platforms. Often overlooked amid speculation about when the SEC will conclude its rulemaking...
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Indiana crowdfunding review

Privately owned businesses in Indiana will be able to raise investments online as part of a bill on the way to Gov. Mike Pence’s desk. Senate Enrolled Act 375, which still needs Pence’s signature to become law, would mirror similar pending changes...
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California crowdfunding round 2

Roughly 17 U.S. states have enacted laws exempt intrastate crowdfunding within state lines for issuers and investors. California, the largest state, may be coming on board very soon. Two separate bills are moving through the California legislature and...
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Alabama crowdfunding legislation

As non-accredited investor crowdfunding has been stalled in the regulatory process at the federal level under Title III of the Jobs Act, approximately 17 individual states have launched their own initiatives recognizing the benefits to small businesses...
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