Crackdown on crowdfunding websites EIS service in UK

Reports this week claim that the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is pushing to regulate online crowdfunding sites next year amid concerns about customer safeguards. John Williams, Managing Partner at Kuber Ventures states: ‘’All investments by their very nature carry with them a varying degree of risk, but most consumers would expect them also to be firmly regulated, to ensure best practice and consumer protection”. ‘’The Government introduced Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS) to encourage people to invest in small business start-ups and benefit from tax efficient investments within a controlled environment. But by investing in small business through crowdfunding websites, investors leave themselves exposed”. Kuber Ventures is the UK’s first multi-manager platform for comparing, reporting and investing in EIS portfolios, offering the advisory community a much simpler way to gain access to this alternative market for their clients. It also gives fund managers a more direct channel to a wider range of investors. ‘’Crowdfunding has grown in popularity, but it should not simply be seen as the ‘easy’ way to invest”, explains Williams. ”Investors with little or no experience of how to value a small business are putting themselves at unnecessary risk by not talking to a professional fund manager. ‘’There are plenty of fund managers out there that […]

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