Crowd Funding Kickstarts the Long Dark Production Cycle

Digital screenshots acted as teaser to the game, and then YouTube video helped share actual game play footage among a dedicated and growing fan base. Over the weekend, a crowd sourced fundraising project in support of The Long Dark reached its $200,000 goal, with three days left in its campaign! Created by B.C.-based video game developer Hinterland Games, The Long Dark is survival simulation video game, set in the northern wilderness in the aftermath of a global disaster. It presents a post-digital world in which technology has little or no value, while knowledge itself can be life saving. Moving from organic, woodcut-style concept drawings to more fully realized 3D animations, the project aalso now features some top creative and performing artists , including actors and voice specialists Mark Meer, David Hayter and Jennifer Hale, among others. . The project has now reached its first funding milestone, which Hinterland founder and creative director Raphael van Lierop says covers the base funding needed to develop and deliver the game for Mac, PC, Linux and other major computing platforms sometime next year. Having been named Project of the Day on Kickstarter, the number of backers swelled past 3,500; that number is now well past 6,000. “We want to be part of the […]

Crowd Funding Kickstarts the Long Dark Production Cycle: CrowdFund Beat.

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