Crowd Funding: New Way to Reach Seniors in Need

While crowd funding isn’t a new concept, it is a changing one. Drawing on both charitable giving and microfinance, crowd funding — sometimes called crowdsourcing — has become a way for individuals to collectively donate funds for everything from artistic endeavors to college tuition to medical expenses and everything in between. People and causes have long solicited donations from the population in general. In the mid-1880s, newspaper publisher Joseph Pulitzer asked for donations to help complete the pedestal for the Statue of Liberty and raised more than $100,000. Today, hundreds of websites have sprung up to allow individuals and organizations to raise funds through private donations, including ArtistShare, Indiegogo, GiveForward, Kickstarter and GoFundMe. Some people resort to crowd funding because they’ve run out of options, while others are attracted to its simplicity. For those who give, there’s the gratification of being a part of something important and noble. One major appeal of crowd funding: You don’t have to give a lot to help. If many give a little, it all adds up, which mirrors exactly the philosophy Pulitzer used to give Lady Liberty a place to hold her shining light. 1 woman’s struggle In 2010, Chrystle Fiedler suffered an injury […]

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