CrowdBrewed Brings Crowdfunding to Craft Beer Niche is a crowdfunding website for the niche market of craft beer, soon to become the premier location for craft beer-based crowdsourcing projects. Founded by beer aficionado, Travis Benoit, and partner “Denver Beer Guy,” Mark Slattery, CrowdBrewed is going to support not only breweries, but also bottling plants, label makers, hops farms and any other company directly involved with craft beer. CrowdBrewed’s first crowdsourcing project, Pig Skin Brewery, in Columbus, Ohio, is just under a week from completion. Within 14 days they will be launching two more projects and have a third starting in less than a month. Crowdsourcing is already a game changer for small businesses and their investors, and it seems like every day someone finds a new way to innovate using this remarkable tool. “Kickstarter is a great website, and they’re good people. But with all of the projects on that site, it’s easy for a brewery, or other craft beer-related projects to get lost. We only do craft beer-related projects and we are more selective about which projects we are going to get on the website,” said Benoit. Benoit was student at the University of Vermont in the mid 90’s when craft beer was just becoming a […]

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