Crowdfund Your Hat Designs

Android’s out of the box There’s really nothing sweeter than getting home from Costco and cracking open that 12-pack of delicious, cakey muffins washed down with 24 consecutive Vitamin Waters. And with the Boxed app (whose CEO is former Zynga NY director Chieh Huang) you don’t even have to go out to get them in the first place. The app first launched on iPhones this August, but on Monday, the mobile warehouse shopping app officially launched on Android. So now our Android-carrying friends can get their muffins too. Vidiby gets moving If you have one complaint about shopping for gadgets online, it’s that things don’t move, right? Which is why the Vidiby site launched on Tuesday to bring videos to the online buying experience. The hope is that, like the Zappos shoe demo videos, these will give users a “near-retail experience when buying electronics online.” Vidiby also features user-generated reviews and rates alongside the videos so, as they say, the ”experience is comparable to having a sales staff explaining the products in person.” Except, of course, without having to bear the awkwardness of an actual human interaction. MakerBot is coming to a nerd near you The Brooklyn-based makers of those classic 3D printers struck a distribution deal on Thursday with Ingram Micro […]

Crowdfund Your Hat Designs: CrowdFund Beat.

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