Crowdfunding and Me

I’m not a heavy crowdfunder. Over the years, I’ve supported 13 projects. A few short story anthologies, a handful of records. Not a ton of stuff, and certainly not on the level of one of my friends, who’s helped bankroll so many projects that he’s getting spammed by crowdfunding startups, practically begging him to be a beta tester/funder. Of that baker’s dozen projects, I’ve been burned by only one that looks like it’ll never see the light of day. With that one exception, everything I’ve supported has come to fruition. For me, as a consumer, crowdfunding has worked out really well. I hear and understand the grumblings about it, though. In the well-publicized wake of theVeronica Mars movie asking for two million bucks and raking in more than $5 million, Zach Braff of Scrubs and Garden State fame ran into a bladestorm of criticism for trying to fund his own project the same way. “Why don’t you get up off those stacks of syndication cash you’ve been sleeping on and fund it yourself?” people seemed to ask.  Nevertheless, he exceeded his own two-million-dollar goal with a take of more than $3 million.  So yeah, there were plenty of people offended by the idea of […]

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