CrowdFunding Campaign: Football Safe for Kids

THE PROBLEM WE FACED: The fact that 1 in 5 student athletes will sustain a concussion this year should startle you, as it did me–especially so if you have children or grandkids that compete in sports. Even more shocking — 33% of those concussions will take place during practice. Many of you know my friend since childhood, Dan Nicholson (pictured above with his son, Matt), so I don’t have to tell you that he’s a head-strong guy–as a parent and as a coach. So, when Dan told me of his plans to do something to protect kids from the risk of traumatic brain injury due to undetectedconcussions, I obviously had no choice but to join him. This is our result–the Head Case Concussion Management System. OUR SOLUTION: to minimize the risk of long-term brain injury for kids by designing and producing an affordable concussion management system. Advanced microelectronics are expensive to produce; we can’t do this without some investment, and it was obvious that Crowdfunding our project would enable us to keep the costs low enough for any parent to afford.[Crowdfunding, if you’re not familiar with it yet, is where lots of people (family and friends primarily) donate small amounts of money to projects they believe in. The entire […]

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