Crowdfunding For Concert, Rabbl

Two emerging services for DIY and indie artists get some attention this week. Concert crowdfunding service Rabbl launched 6 months ago but they’re hitting the news via a NY Times feature. Loudr has been in the works for quite some time, combining tools and lessons from previous projects to provide such services as cover song licensing, distribution and D2F sales. Both are worth a look for DIY and indie artists. Rabbl: Concert Crowdfunding Rabbl is a concert crowdfunding site that launched in late 2012 and is getting a wave of attention due to a NY Times article. Introduction by RABBL Founders The basic idea is fairly standard for emerging concert crowdfunding sites such asWeDemand! and Songkick Detour: A band and town are announced. Fans respond and reserve tickets. If enough commit, the concert is confirmed and fans are charged. If not, then nobody is charged. Initially bands would then look for the venue and book the show but according to the NYT profile, “only 3 to 5 percent of Rabbl campaigns culminated in live shows” and new locations represented marketing challenges. Now they’re working with established venues much as every other concert crowdfunding site that’s seen success has done. In fact, most are pretty hands on suggesting […]

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