CrowdFunding for Medical Research

By Melody Harstine , Molly Lindquist, founder of, the one-of-a-kind medical crowdfunding platform, is passionate about medical research. Why? Because the desperate need to find cures for diseases like cancer has touched her life personally. Two years ago, on October 12, 2011, Molly was diagnosed with stage one breast cancer. Just two days after her 33rd birthday, Molly underwent a bilateral mastectomy. After four rounds of chemotherapy, Molly’s prognosis is good, but that doesn’t keep her from wondering or worrying about her future and the futures of her two young daughters. Molly understands full well that her two little girls, ages four and six, have a greater chance of one day developing breast cancer simply because of her cancer diagnosis. On top of this, after participating in a study at the University of Washington, Molly found out that she carries a CHEK2 gene mutation, a less common hereditary cause of breast cancer. Her daughters have a 50% chance of carrying that same genetic abnormality. See the Campaign Video On CrowdFundBeat Not wanting to see her children one day have to fight this same battle, Molly is determined to do what she can to make their futures brighter, and hopefully, cancer-free. Supporting medical […]

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