Crowdfunding Marketing Tools

While the verdict is out as to whether we are in a downturn businesses cycle or something bigger, we are extemely fortunate that today’s marketer has a significant number of tools that can help them successful market their business through downturns. Successful companies do not abandon their crowdfunding marketing strategies in a recession, they adapt them.

Three, you have tools that can help you better understand your competition. A strategic use of these tools can provide you some amazing insights on ways that you can develop a strategic advantage or also to explore new crowdfunding marketing opportunities.

Compete – This valuable tool not only helps you analyze your competition, but also to understand what are the most important components in their marketing strategies. In other words, what keywords are producing the best results. Essentially, you can learn where the competition is strong and also where there are strategic opportunities.

Alexa – This well established online benchmarking tool can provide you with some significant insights to the popularity of a website, where they are getting their links, and also what are other sites that people view after going to the site.

Quantcast – Besides also providing insights to the data discussion above, Quantcast also can help to create a demographic picture


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