Crowdfunding opening door for Indie devs big and small

Crowdfunding opening door for Indie devs big and small
By: Caitlyn

With powerful, affordable and intuitive game engines, like Unity, the face of game development big and small is changing! Mobile devices, fast and inexpensive technology, and affordable technology have opened up the industry to small and indie developers. Now, the face of indie funding and finance is changing as well. More and more, indie game developers are turning to websites like, or, and setting campaigns to help fund their projects. Just ask Alex Peake, of Primer Labs, whose game Code Hero received the funding it needed to get underway. Or ask the four man team that is busy developing the up and coming platformer, The Other Brothers. These guys are freelance artists and developers that work on a contract basis, living from paycheck to paycheck. In their spare time, which isn’t much, they build the game. Not only does it cut into their time, but personal finances as well.

Software licenses, sound effect gurus, composers, etc. all cost big bucks, that’s where Kickstarter or Indiegogo come in.

Dubbed Crowd Funding, these sites facilitate an avenue for collecting money from the general public, (the pledge), to help bring a project to realization. OUYA: A New Kind Of Video Game Console, recently raised over 8 million dollars on Don’t fret, you don’t just give your money for nothing… in return, you get something. For instance, The Shadowrun Online campaign is offering a slew of rewards for your pledge on Kickstarter. The Other Brothers are even giving you the opportunity to have a character developed after your likeness that will make a cameo appearance in the game. How cool is that? In the end, your pledge gets you something special and helps to fund a unique project.

Surf on over to and check out The Other Brothers project, Shadowrun Online or the thousands of other campaigns that could use a little love. PS If your game makes a ton on Kickstarter, be sure to spend some of that money at the Fantastic and Awesome™ Unity Asset Store to accelerate your own game’s development

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