Crowdfunding PR: A Guide for Startups

Crowdfunding PR – A simple and effective guide to crowdfunding PR for start-ups using crowdfunding with Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, Rockethub and more for their business ideas. Crowdfunding – Where Should You Start Crowdfunding works on two basic models. 1) As a traditional share-trading business. In this model the investors are buying a share of the business just as if they were buying shares. These stakes may bring with them a future financial risk, or they may not. 2) The donation type. In this this model the investor pays for the end product, typically with a graduated scheme that allows the investor rewards or freebies. Kickstarter : Kickstarter is one of the most established crowdfunding sites. Categories for funding are wide ranging from art, comics, film, video, games and more. IndieGoGo : Indie GoGo operates as a business funding platform but also features charitable appeals from groups and individuals. RocketHub : RocketHub‘s front page notes its links between educators and communities and features many arts and sciences crowfunding projects. Appbackr : As the name suggests, Appbackr is focused on crowdfunding for app developers. PledgeMusic : PledgeMusic connects fans with musicians to fund albums and tours Crowdfunding PR 1) Hire a professional crowdfunding PR […]

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