Crowdfunding Projects That Can Increase Your Productivity

In an attempt to find tools that will make my work life a bit easier, I set out to look for some new products. Instead of going to see what’s already on the market – I decided to check out what’s coming, by looking through some crowdfunding sites for current projects. I found a few new products that are sure to improve my productivity so I thought I’d share. Here are 3 crowdfunding projects that I think are very worth taking a peek at: 1. Modus III – Modus III touts that it is the “ultimate environment for app-based productivity on the iPad and smart phone.” It is a mobile work station that allows you to be more productive when working from your iPad. By mounting the iPad like a screen, Modus III allows you to adjust to your perfect viewing angle, a laptop sized adjustable keyboard makes typing a snap and the smart phone mount lets you pair the keyboard to your phone as well – so you can be typing notes on your phone while conducting a Facetime chat on your iPad – genius! There is still time to make a difference on this campaign and to secure […]

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