Crowdfunding Web Design Customers Neglect Marketing Budgets

Many small businesses,  who already manage websites for their operations, are sadly under capitalized for marketing these websites.

The internet came to New Mexico late, like a lot of other things. In addition, New Mexico is known as a very “art centric” state. it would follow, then, that the early web design customers here focused too heavily on hiring web design firms to create artistic masterpieces, and also on a unique presentation with lots of cool bells and whistles. The verdict is still out as to whether some of these early crowdfunding websites have what it takes to climb the Google rankings and actually do what they are supposed to do, which is promote your business.

Albuquerque web design in 2011 should focus on streamlined web design, utilizing strategies that are proven to work, like WordPres and other CMS software backbones for design. The focus now is on content, and lots of it. Customers are now “friends” on Facebook and “followers” on Twitter. They want to read and engage with others, not look aesthetically at a web page, as in 1998.

If there is an area where Albuquerque crowdfunding businesse websites fail, it is in reserving a portion of capital for marketing their websites. This includes managing Facebook and Twitter, but also includes regular content writing and getting that information out to their audience. If businesses cannot reserve staff to do this, they need to contact an expert web marketing firm to produce this for them, and they will be amazed at the results!



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