Crowdfunding Web Design Should be a Wholistic Strategy

Web design is not just making a pretty presentation. it should be a whole strategy of how to best present your business on the web. We face unique hurdles in marketing businesses. Traditional web marketing techniques may not pay off, without additional face to face engagement.

So a website should be the place where your transactions take place, and where your new information is released, but how do you get people there?

1. Traditional search engine optimization is a must, to get a high ranking and get your website seen on Google.

2. Facebook fan pages are a great way to announce your business, run promotions and discuss upcoming events related to your business. You can really engage with loyal friends who will respond to your announcements.

3. Blog postings are still the best way to get your content out onto the internet. If your business website is not built in a cms or blog software, you can add a blog at, and start blogging!

4. Look for a reliable and affordable company to handle your web design and marketing, so you can concentrate on your business. We make amazing web designs in less than a week and follow up with awesome web marketing to push your site up the rankings.


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