Crowdfunding Web Design: SEO aftercare

So, your webmaster has your crowdfunding website pretty well optimized with correct meta tags and content and words were thoroughly researched and thought out semantically. You don’t want to pay for ad words, instead opting for organic rankings and you’ll wait. What next?

There’s much discussion from both aisles on the effectiveness of posting articles to portals and also press releases to portals. So which is better? ¬†Well, wait a minute, aren’t we forgetting the whole reason you chose a wordpress website in the first place? It’s called blogging, and it’s available right on your site. Simple blog posts, we’ve found, are the most effective way to get more content titles out there, and raise your rank. But there are a few tweaks required and here they are:


  1. Install the AddToAny sharing plugin for wordpress and activate it
  2. Open accounts on social bookmarking sites like digg, reddit, google buzz and delicious


  1. Stay logged in to all your social bookmarking sites
  2. Login to your wordpress dashboard
  3. Begin a new post
  4. Make sure you add your target keywords first in the title, then a “:” and an after thought
  5. Publish your posting
  6. Go to the browser side of your site and find your posting
  7. Click on the AddToAny button and follow the popup
  8. Bookmark your posting to all your sites
  9. Repeat at least once more per day, and watch your traffic increase and see your new content popup on google


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