Crowd’s funding pays off !

Paula Yeoman talks to a duo whose song has taken them to the top Vanessa McGowan and Cy Winstanley recorded in Nashville with bluegrass maestro Tim O’Brien. A little less than a year ago, Tattletale Saints were busily crowd funding to raise the $20,000 needed to get them to Nashville to record an album with Grammy-winning producer and country and bluegrass musician extraordinaire Tim O’Brien. Cut to now, and the Auckland duo is one of the five finalists for the Silver Scroll Award, which recognises excellence in songwriting in New Zealand. The Cy Winstanley-penned Tattletale Saints song Complicated Man is competing with Bird in Hand by Anna Coddington, Royals by Lorde, Wake Up by Aaradhna and Thames Soup by The Phoenix Foundation. “It’s so unexpected really, knowing that the other bands in there are significantly larger and more critically acclaimed in terms of commercial success,” says Winstanley, who formed Tattletale Saints with Vanessa McGowan from the ashes of Her Make Believe Band. Winstanley says Complicated Man stood out from the 12 tracks on their O’Brien-produced album How Red Is the Blood as the obvious song to enter for the Silver Scroll from the in the Scrolls. It’s got the strongest narrative of all of our songs. That’s a big thing for me in […]

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