CurrencyMate Announces Their New Crowdfunding Campaign

CurrencyMate wants to shake things up in the world of finance. The new online platform allows people to connect in order to exchange their currencies quickly and conveniently. CurrencyMate users no longer have to pay high exchange fees or wait in line at the bank or exchange office; instead they connect with other verified members to trade foreign denominations, with no charge. This unique social network was founded by computer programmer Dylan Goubin-Dahan—creator of Wikipixel, Neobe Backup, weSend, and weDrop—and Victor de Witt, a financial expert specializing in foreign currencies. The CurrencyMate team is small, but these two sharp minds are passionate about cloud software, social networking, finance, and travel. The idea for CurrencyMate came to Dylan on a flight from Paris to New York. At the airport there was a single small exchange office, where Dylan waited for almost an hour to exchange his money for local currency. When Dylan realized the person in front of him was exchanging euros for US dollars and the person behind him was exchanging US dollars for euros, inspiration struck: these people could save time and money if they connected directly, instead of exchanging their money through an expensive third-party service. It’s an […]

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