Dr. Twilight And The Wonderful World Of Crowdfunding

Andrew Ardizzi writes for Bleeding Cool: Crowdfunding campaigns mean everything to independent creators, and there are an incalculable number of great ideas, great stories and great comics waiting to be made. Kickstarter-type campaigns are a wonderful, energizing and completely exhausting undertaking. From the outset you feel enthusiasm, excitement, confidence. Then you get your first couple of contributions and all of a sudden you’re soaring upwards to cloud 9, maybe flying beyond in some sort of Icarian quest to take your project as far it can go. The sky’s the limit. And then the contributions dry up, and after a few days it’s disheartening and energy-sapping. It’s hard to push on and continue promoting your campaigns, but here’s why we at Crystal Fractal Comics (CFC) do. I’ve been working with the company as its Senior Editor since Sept. 2011, and from that point I fell in love with the universe CFC Publisher Derrek Lennox created. It’s raw, but has a ton of potential. And that’s why nearly two years later I’m still willing to put in all of the work necessary to push the books; for little pay at that. These are projects of passion, and that’s something you can’t calculate […]

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