Exclusive Interview: AlumVest – connecting universities with Alumni crowdfunders

Live Interview 10:00 AM PST What is AlumVest? AlumVest is a rewards and equity based crowdfunding platform that connects entrepreneurs (“Entrepreneurs”) from leading educational institutions with alumni and peer investors and supporters (“Funders”). We are launching our rewards based platform first, followed by our equity-based platform, which will initially be available to accredited investors, and subsequently will become available to unaccredited investors following regulatory changes in 2013. Why did you launch AlumVest? Our mission was born from meeting with many smart and driven entrepreneurs within our schools and alumni networks whose ideas we eagerly wanted to back and support. Our goal is to create a platform that connects alumni and peers with entrepreneurs from their affiliated school and peer networks to provide that crucial seed capital that seems to be missing in the “normal” early-stage fundraising environment. We also want to connect Entrepreneurs with mentors who want to help them succeed and create a network of opportunities. Why should startups and entrepreneurs use AlumVest? Funding and talent are two key ingredients for successful startups, yet both can be extremely difficult and time consuming to acquire. Tapping into the pool of alumni and peer networks, AlumVest is an efficient and cost […]

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