Five Ways College Crowdfunding Has Made Its Way To Campuses

Five Ways College Crowdfunding Has Made Its Way To Campuses

Today, even colleges are feeling the pressure of the economy especially state funded schools that may find their usual source of funds have greatly depleted. That’s why college crowdfunding has made such a huge impact these days. Crowdfunding, in which the donations of the public are used to fund projects, has made its way to college campuses all across the country. The following are some of the unique ways that college crowdfunding is making student life thrive.

1. Picking up the slack where other funding is cut off. People, including students, their parents, and fans, are using crowdfunding to help sponsor school athletic teams that may not get the usual star treatment. While a school may lavish sports funds on the football or basketball team, the lacrosse or volleyball teams may be in dire need new uniforms or equipment. Crowdfunding lets them feel like school stars too, as opposed to just forgotten leftovers.

2. Bringing in influential guest speakers and lecturers. Many guest speakers, especially the more famous or renowned ones, do not do their circuits for free and many are also not cheap. Why should students be denied the chance to hear a fabulous guest lecturer just because the school can”t afford it? With crowdfunding, societies can raise money to bring the discourse to campus.

3. Updating or even funding entire buildings. Overcrowding is a common occurrence in many university dorms these days. However, many schools don’t have the money to expand, remodel, or build new dorms to accommodate the increasing influx of students. In this case the funding usually comes from students and their parents, who all see the dire straits some dorms are in. Students can’t learn as effectively when they are packed in like sardines and have no privacy to study in.

4. Throw parties and other social events. Compared to some other things on this list, socializers may not seem as important. To many, they’re not, but one should never discount the positive bonus students get in their studies when they have a healthy social life as well. Parties don’t have to mean crazy frat parties of legend. They can be freshman mixers, senior soirees, or any other public event. Culture and music festivals fall into this category too.

5. Support international studies. Many students do not get to study abroad for free, and studying abroad is perhaps one of the most memorable events in a college student’s life. Crowdfunding lets students who would otherwise not get to spend a semester in a foreign country have the chance of a lifetime. Likewise, crowdfunding can be used to support incoming international students from other countries, by boosting the programs that host and acclimate them.

Contrary to what most may think, colleges do not have an unlimited supply of money. Furthermore, they do not always use their funds in the most judicious way, which leads to students and their parents taking on the role of fundraisers themselves. College crowdfunding has become a powerful way to improve the college experience for all.

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