HWTrek Gives Hardware Innovators Realistic Production

If you’re hesitant to invest in cool gadget pitches on crowdfunding platforms, your instincts are valid. Research shows that only a quarter of Kickstarter pitches in the technology and design categories were delivered on time, and even after an eight-month delay, 75 percent of projects with reached goals then delivered. Better late than never, we suppose? Hardware innovators now have another option. Today marks the official launch of HWTrek, a crowdfunding platform tailored specifically for hardware innovators that not only links them with a community of experts for consultations before crowdfunding but connects them with viable manufacturers afterward so the promised product can be successfully distributed. “We learned that there’s a gap on prototyping mass productions,” says founder Lucas Wang, who is also the CEO and co-founder of Taiwan-based venture capital firm, TMI, which works with a number of international original design manufacturers. “We think it’s crucial that the creators need more help and some community, someplace they can talk to the experts about their projects. And the original design manufacturers can also talk to the startups through our platform.” HWTrek guides a hardware product proposal through four stages. First, creators submit their projects to HWTrek (as they would to […]

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