Indiegogo Pushes Partnership with Raindance Film Festival

Staying true to our crowdfunding roots in indie film, Indiegogo recently launched a partnership with Raindance Film Festival and Schools — to foster independent filmmakers as well as to amplify and enhance Raindance’s work. Since 1992, Raindance has organized a cutting-edge festival in London and offered filmmaking classes in major cities around the world. This isn’t their first time being mentioned in the same sentence as Indiegogo — you might remember when they funded their first, original feature on Indiegogo earlier this year. We wanted to kick-off our partnership with Raindance in a big way, so we decided to do so at another big gathering place for the independent film community: The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). This year, we’ll be at Raindance Toronto’s TIFF Industry Party where shoptalk and liquid inspiration are sure to be free-flowing. Indiegogo’s Chief Film Geek (and author of Crowdfunding for Filmmakers: The Way to a Successful Film Campaign), John T. Trigonis, will be on hand, doling out crowdfunding know-how and hosting a Pitch Video Contest. Whether or not you’ve run a crowdfunding campaign before, you know that the art of getting a film made all starts with your pitch. Put your pitching skills to the test by telling us about the film project you’d […]

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