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The year 2012 saw some big headlines for the Indonesia crowdfunding scene. The biggest one is the successful funding for Atambua 39º Celcius, a movie directed by renowned Indonesian writer and director Mira Lesmana. Posted in Indonesia crowdfunding site, the project collected more than the Rp 300 million (approximately $31,071) that it needed.
Another movie that was successfully funded by the public in 2012 was Demi Ucok. The movie, which screened in Indonesian cinemas in January 2013, gathered about Rp 250 million also after seven months of self-organized crowdfunding.
Does this mean that Indonesia crowdfunding industry has finally made it? To answer this question, I take a look at three popular Indonesian crowdfunding sites:,, and
BursaIde, which was launched in 2011, seems to have gained little traction. While new ideas keep getting posted on the site, there was little to no response to these ideas with the last comment being posted on the site more than a year ago. Out of ten projects in its home page, only three have some (relatively low) progress in their funding. As I dug deeper, out of ten pages of ideas (each page showing five ideas), I could only find one project that had been successfully funded.
Meanwhile, Patungan looks to have fared better. In its “most supported” page, eight out of ten projects have been successfully funded, gaining Rp 125,400,364 ($12,988) in total. That is as much encouraging stats as I can come up with from the site.
Wujudkan does slightly better than the other two. Boosted mostly by Atambua 39º Celcius, the site has collected Rp 416 million ($43,086) from eight projects that have been successfully funded.
Combined, it is estimated that the three crowdfunding platforms above have gathered somewhere between Rp 600 million to RP 700 million. This number is relatively small compared to some series A or series B funding in our own startup industry (but this is also another estimate due to the secretive nature of funding in Indonesia).

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