Interview with Brad Damphousse, CEO of GoFundMe.

Devin: Brad, over the years GoFundMe has been used to help people in myriad ways, can you share one or two particularly powerful stories? Brad: Hi Devin – sure thing. Our “Success Stories” page includes quotes from a number of memorable campaigns. As you can imagine, the campaigns for the Boston bombing victims were very powerful – a true testament individual strength and courage supported by the generosity of thousands. And, in just the last 48 hours an incredible campaign has surfaced for the homeless man in Boston who discovered $40k in a backpack and did the right thing by turning it over to authorities. This campaign has now raised about $86k – probably much more by the time you read this! ( Every day we witness family & friends coming together to support one another when they need it most. However, more and more often these campaigns are going viral on a national level. Here’s a just a few more that made national headlines in the past 3 weeks: $171k raised by friend of Australian baseball player slain in Oklahoma: $103k raised by hero who stopped school shooter, Antoinette Tuff: $6.8k to grant 87yr old’s wish to see Red […]

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