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States won’t wait for the Jobs Act

Individual states want intrastate equity crowdfunding for the masses (non-accredited investors) and, with no current federal regulation under Title III, they will find a way to get this accomplished. Hence, there is rapidly rising interest in intrastate exemptions.

Where does your state stand?

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The legislation is really just the first step. If we look at states that currently have exemptions, the widespread use of has been very slow to start. Likely this is a reflection of a lack of public knowledge as to what these exemptions do and how to use them and not a reflection of the usefulness of a state’s exemption ruling. States that either have or are proposing intrastate crowdfunding exemptions should develop a strategy to educate the communities on the benefits of these regulations, both to companies looking for capital, and non-accredited investors looking for a return.

So how does CrowdForce help you with your intrastate equity crowdfunding needs? We offer the most secure and flexible white label crowdfunding software on the planet! If you are planning to operate a portal in your state for equity crowdfunding under your state exemption, review out product details, and get in touch with a sales agent to get more details and information on how our software works for state equity crowdfunding. We have launched portals for partners in Indiana, Texas and Alabama in 2014 and are the top choice for cost effectiveness, and the quickest launch times.

Here are just a few features for instrastate equity crowdfunding included in the CrowdForce platform software:

• State residency self-verification
• Driver’s license upload for verification
• Setting funding limits for non-accredited investors
• Allowing accredited investor participation
• Complete and simple document signing and management
• Integrated ACH payments
• Plug in your state escrow account
• Plugin in your broker services for accredited investments
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Browse information on our intrastate equity crowdfunding software solutions and rules of operation in your state:

The following states have either enacted their own separate crowdfunding exemptions or amendments to their existing blue sky laws. *
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* data as of June 5, 2015