It’s Not About the Money: Kickstarter and Celebrity Campaigns

KQED – Michele Carlson – People are pissed. The new trend that’s got everyone heated is the rise of celebrities using online crowdfunding platforms, like Kickstarter or Indiegogo, to fund their high-budget passion projects. Popular history suggests these platforms are for “the little guys,” or those left out of other funding sources, to have a place to find funds for their creative projects. And fund they do. According to Kickstarter’s website, over $798 million have been given to over 48,000 projects. Except $5,702,153 of that went to Rob Thomas’ campaign to make a Veronica Mars movie. So, I get the sentiment. Do celebrities the likes of Spike Lee or Zach Braff or James Franco really need to ask for our money (and I’m talking millions) to fund their passion or fan projects? I mean Vin Diesel just refinanced his home to fund Riddick, so how come others can’t find ways to foot their own bills? Kickstarter emphasizes “independent” projects. And therein lies one of the problems. Ultimately, Kickstarter has a financial interest in larger budget projects and gets around 5 percent from successfully funded campaigns. So, keeping the definition of independent, let’s say “open” is worth their while (cough, bottom […]

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