James Franco on His ‘Palo Alto Stories’ Indiegogo Campaign

James Franco is not just an actor/director who recently appeared in the film Spring Breakers – he is also a published author whose book of short stories Palo Alto came out in June 2011.

Now, Franco is combining his two passions to turn stories from his book into feature films, and he’s using crowdfunding to make it happen.

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Franco recently launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise half a million dollars to turn the stories into three films. His favorite student filmmakers from New York University, Franco’s alma mater, will direct the films.

“I’m putting money into these projects because I believe in them and I believe in these filmmakers,” Franco said in his pitch video. “These stories are very important to me and very personal.”

Franco will donate all the profits from the three films (called “Memoria,” “Killing Animals,” and “Yosemite”) to charity. This has shielded Franco, an A-lister with access to more traditional sources of capital, from criticism that was hurled at Zach Braff when he ran his own crowdfunding campaign for an upcoming feature film.

David Branin and Karen Worden, the duo behind Film Courage, recently reached out to Franco to find out more about the project and why he chose to go with Indiegogo over Kickstarter – check out their interviews below.

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