JumpCam App Helps You Crowdsource Real-Time Videos With Friends

A new iPhone app called JumpCam lets you create collaborative videos with up to 30 different people at once. In Instagram Video-meets-Final Cut Pro style, the app can combine up to 30 different 10-second clips into a single video to be shared with friends on Facebook, Twitter or embedded on a website. You can add filters and music to the final product to give it a polished look. Either record videos within the app or pull them from your phone’s video library. You can add clips over time to existing videos, which will almost instantly update the video in each place it exists. You can customize the viewers and the contributors, restricting that ability to only friends, people you invite or the entire JumpCam community. All of the video editing, including the addition of music and filters, is done on the cloud, making it possible to act fairly quickly. The app’s founder, David Stweart, says the average time between adding or editing a video and seeing the update show up is a mere 20 seconds. The idea behind JumpCam started when Stewart was invited to be the best man in a friend’s wedding on a cruise ship. Stewart came up […]

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