Kickstarter Comics – Idea Source for Investors?

Remember the good old days? When Hollywood A&R Men would swarm the small press tables at San Diego Comic Con, looking for properties they could get an option on before anyone else? Dropping a thousand here, a thousand there, it was small change for Hollywood and maybe, just maybe, they could find the next Spider-Man. But most went nowhere. And those that did didn’t exactly do great numbers, a Bulletproof Monk here, a Surrogates there… and it faded away, somewhat. It was also a way for big publishers to find smaller nooks they may be able find a home for. Now it seems it might be back. And rather than Artist’s Alley, they’re using Kickstarter. And rather than paying options… they are paying for the entire project. That’s what happened to Mike S Miller‘s adaptation of Anne Rice‘s retelling of the life of Jesus Christ, in graphic novel form. Someone paid for the lot, and it was taken off Kickstarter. But it’s not just a one off. Mike Lukash writes below for Bleeding Cool on a Kickstarter we’d previously covered; Neal Fischer is the editor of a graphic novel Clan of the Vein, co-created by Neil D’Monte and Neo Edmund. Neal and Neo share the new update…and why the Kickstarter effort had been canceled. Mike: The Clan of […]

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