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By Marcia Kaplan

Kickstarter, the crowdfunding platform that has raised more money than any other, updates funding statistics on its site ( everyday. Anyone considering starting a crowdfunding campaign should review the data before deciding on how much money to request. The Kickstarter blog contains other useful information on funding trends.

According to, in 2012 Kickstarter attracted 2,241,475 people pledging a total of $319.8 million to all campaigns. That’s almost $607 a minute, a 221 percent increase over 2011. This resulted in 18,109 successfully funded projects, which cumulatively collected $274.4 million. The difference between pledges and total funding is because projects that do not reach their funding goal get no money. While projects that raised over a million dollars received a great deal of media attention, most funded projects are much more modest, raising less than $10,000. Since inception, only 21 Kickstarter projects have raised more than $1 million and 12 of those were games.

Following is some data that should be of interest to individuals considering a crowdfunding campaign for a film or video.

Kickstarter Film & Video statistics (April 28, 2009 — January 1, 2013)

Total dollars collected: $85.7 million, $60 million of this in 2012

Number of backers: 891,979

Funded Projects: 8,567

Since Kickstarter began, 9,167 films and video have been successfully funded, with a success rate of 39.6 percent. Of these, 5,728 raised between $1,000 and $9,999. But 82 films did bring in between $100,00 and $999,999. More film and video campaigns have been launched than any other category, but they have a lower success rate than other categories. For example, dance, which has only about five percent of the number of projects launched in film, has a much higher success rate — 70.3 percent.

According to Kickstarter, films that raised money on its platform comprised 10 percent of the Sundance Film Festival slates in 2012 and 2013. In total, 49 Kickstarter-funded films have been official selections at Sundance. Kickstarter-funded films made up 10 percent of the 2012 films shown at the SXSW Film Festival and the Tribeca Film Festival. Fifty- seven Kickstarter-funded films have premiered at SXSW and 21 at Tribeca.

Breakdown of funding:

Film Subcategory Pledged Funded Projects
Documentary $42.64 million 2,394
Narrative Film $31.74 million 2,331
Short Film $16.68 million 3,000
Webseries $6.83 million 619
Animation $4.87 million 223

Source: Kickstarter

It’s likely that Kickstarter will remain the crowdfunding platform of choice for filmmakers for the foreseeable future.

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