Live Interview With SterlingFunder Co-Founder David Lilenfeld

David Lilenfeld, an Atlanta-based attorney who helped launch SterlingFunder will join us live for an interview with CrowdFundBeat’s Devin Thorpe to discuss the Georgia crowdfunding exemption, general solicitation for accredited investors and other equity crowdfunding issues on Tuesday, October 1, 2013 at 8:00 AM Pacific. David Lilenfeld’s bio from David is an entrepreneur and intellectual property attorney who has practiced law since 1997. He has successfully launched and grown three businesses since graduating from law school in 1996. As a lawyer, investor and entrepreneur, David recognizes the seismic effect crowdfunding will have on businesses and individual investors across the country and eventually the world. When The JOBS Act – which makes equity-based crowdfunding legal in the United States – became law, David began planning a way to help match passionate, smart entrepreneurs with intelligent, growth-minded investors in a union that has been unduly burdensome to make before crowdfunding. Devin D. Thorpe, CrowdFundBeat contributing editor, is the author of Crowdfunding for Social Good. Readers can follow him on Twitter at @devindthorpe.

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