New projects announced by Indonesian crowdfunding platform Wujudkan

New projects announced by Indonesian crowdfunding platform Wujudkan
By Goutama Bachtiar | Aug 14, 2012

Even after launching more than 23 projects, two new creative works are due to be released by the Indonesian Crowdfunding platform, Wdujudkan. The 2 works are, „Hearts of Volunteers‟, a book constituting of 24 writings from 24 volunteers sharing how volunteerism plays an important role in succeeding a program, and „Epic Java‟, a 30 minutes movie with timelapse and slow motion photography technique showing amazing moments across Java Island. Founded by Mandy Marahimin, Dondi Hananto, Wicak Soegijoko and Zaki Jaihutan, the platform that supports collective effort from anyone to supporting activities initiated by other people, companies, institutions or others organizations through the net, focuses on creative efforts. However, it has opened doors to non-creative works before. “At the early days, we discussed crowd funding through Twitter and then we met to discuss it further. Upon meeting, we decided to develop our own crowd funding site. Zaki, one of my old friends, is very passionate about the creative industry,” says Mandy to e27.

She continues to say that “even though the product development took around three months, we settled our business development for a year because at that time, all of us were still working at full-time basis.” With two resources on-boarded taking care of site development while others are in-charge of daily operations, Wujudkan have managed to close several projects and accounted for 1,500 members. Yet they still have 10 accepted projects in the pipeline to launch. The lowest fund attained by a work was IDR 2.5million while „Atambua 39°C‟, a drama movie with Indonesia‟s prominent producer Mira Lesmana and top film director Riri Riza at the helm, was the top campaign with a pledged amount of IDR 313million (USD 33,000). Wujudkan will be receiving all donations transferred by the supporters until the project deadline has expired. “All-or-nothing funding” principle is accommodated which means if the funding goal is achieved, the project will be funded, donors will get their rewards, and the platform are entitled to five percent commission fee. A copy of the work, a professional credential and gaining experiences are various forms of the reward for contributing. On the other hand, when the time expires and the project falls short, no one is charged and the donation will be transferred back to the donors. “Frankly speaking, as of now eighty percent of our fund goes to product development,” she says. It looks that they are looking for strategic partnerships with banks as Mandy highlighted that “good and simple payment systems are needed.”

Credit card might be very helpful as all supporters‟ cards will be charged only then the timestamp expires and collected funding reaches its goal. Hence they will be free from refund process back to the donors.

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