Nonprofit Web Design Solutions: Crowd Funding Part 2


CrowdForce™ crowdfunding platform for the new economy.

The economy is changing for the future and is starting to make a drastic turn in how startup companies and nonprofit causes get funded. It’s called “Power of the Crowd.” Unlike many first generation sites out there, CrowdForce™ has the tools and scalability built in to take on new regulations coming with the new wave of crowdfunding.

If you plan on launching a crowdfunding portal, being fully prepared is better than being first! Take advantage of advanced security, chargeback protection and leading edge viral marketing plugins.

CrowdForce™ is worth the wait! Release date: September 14, 2012

What makes CrowdForce™ different?

The CrowdForce™ platform meets and exceeds industry standards for: Operations Transparency, PCI Security for Customer Information and Payments, Platform Flexibility and Scalablity, Ease of Operations and SEC Reporting.

Next Generation crowdfunding features

Advanced viral marketing capabilities for your users to reach their target investment audience, assurance against chargebacks through flexible user account system, flexible withdrawal options to avoid outrageous transfer fees, exhaustive admin functions to fine tune your presentation.

Highest levels of security!

PCI security on the back-end, and SSL on the front-end protect your user information and assets and minimize the risk of identity theft or financial information breaching. Better to use the platform with complete assurance!

4 different editions to meet your needs

  • Crowdfunding Rewards Edition (Kickstarter model)
  • Micro-Loan Edition (Kiva model)
  • Equity Funding Edition (not available in the U.S. until 2013)
  • All-In-One combines Crowd, Micro-Loan and Equity into one platform


Early Adopter Program

We are offering Early Adopter heavily discounted pricing for customers who are interested in getting on board with the CrowdForce™ platform before July 31, 2012. Email us below to receive a full prospectus, terms, pricing and we’ll contact you by phone to discuss how CrowdForce™ can work for you!

 For more information about CrowdForce™ visit

Crowdfunding, sometimes referred to as crowdsourcing, is an online phenomenon that began around 2007. These websites prove that many small donations really do add up to successful totals for businesses and charities to realize their dreams. The concept is based on age-old models of cooperative funding like the Irish Loan Fund from the 1700s, which provided micro loans to poverty stricken rural families. Crowdfunding is set to explode with passage of Entrepreneur Access to Capital Act in April 2012. There is potential profit, not just for investors in new crowdfunded startups, but for managers of crowdfunding web portals, as they take a commission for the gateway services offered.

Nonprofits and businesses are now utilizing the internet to achieve similar goals to help small businesses with startup capital and, more recently, have shifted to provide online platforms for nonprofit organizations to achieve fundraising goals for specific projects. Current examples of successful website platforms for business or nonprofit fundraising include,,,,, and

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