Portable cloud storage USB device surpasses Kickstarter goal in 12 hours, now at $217,755

Plug, a device which transforms your USB devices into a personalized Dropbox, has surpassed its Kickstarter goal in 12 hours, raising more than $190,000 at last check.  The $69 device, which is a little bigger than a thumb drive, is a game-changer for data storage, turning any piece of storage space you have into a personal cloud, which can be synced across all devices. Severin Marcombes, CEO & co-founder of Cloud Guys, the startup that launched Plug, is ecstatic about the success on Kickstarter. “We were planning to get maybe $5k or maximum $10k of funding from our friends and family on the first day of the campaign, when we woke up in the morning our $69k goal was already met!” Marcombes said.  ” It’s great, and it’s crazy. Great because it proves people do like the project, and crazy because two days ago we were seriously talking about what would happen if the Kickstarter campaign was a complete fail.” The Plug adapter is designed to be kept at home, connected to a USB external hard drive and the Internet (via ethernet cable).  It relies on external USB hard drives to store the content of all the user’s devices (so limits on space depend on the amount of […]

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