Precinct cancels Kickstarter, opens tiered crowdfunding

Precinct, an indie title from Police Quest creator Jim Walls, has canceled its Kickstarter campaign and moved to its own tiered funding model. The new goal is a bit smaller, and split into four phases that will let backers play the stages of development, as the funding reaches different milestones. The new goals are outlined on the official site (via Joystiq). The first, at $25,000, gives backers a brief proof of concept demo. Other goals include a vertical slice stage ($90,000), game demo ($250,000), and full game ($400,000). Backers are only charged once a milestone is reached, and all backers will receive a digital copy of the full game–assuming it reaches that goal–no matter what amount they pledged. The $400,000 goal is $100,000 less than its previous mark, which the site attributes to cutting out costly reward tiers. It’s also notably a more accessible goal, given that the Kickstarter project had only reached approximately $85,000 in total with just over a week left to go. Source: Shake News – Steve Watts, Aug 06, 2013 Link:

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