Schwan’s enters the fundraising business

Schwan’s Food Co. is marrying its frozen food delivery network with a new crowdsourced fundraising program to boost business and help youth softball, cancer research, schools and other organizations. Schwan’s Cares allows customers to send 20 percent of their bill to participating organizations during those groups’ 45-day campaigns, plus another 5 percent on orders for a year after that time. Schwan’s says the system eliminates the hassles of having participants exchange goods and money, oftentimes door-to-door. “If this starts to capture the kind of market share we plan on capturing, we hope to be a major driver of fundraising across the country,” said Mike Gerend, president of Schwan’s Home Service Inc. Schwan’s Cares will officially launch Oct. 1, but it has already had a soft start and 350 organizations have signed up for fundraising campaigns. The Shakopee Girls Softball Association was one of the pilot campaigns and raised $2,765 from 60 supporters for new batting cages and other equipment, said Association President Dave Haider. Gerend said Schwan’s would not raise prices. The company can give 20 percent to charity because it believes revenue will increase with new customers coming on board to participate in the program. Schwan’s will partner with […]

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