Secrets For A Successful Crowdfund Campaign

Crowdfunding 101: Achieving Success on Kickstarter and Indie-Go-Go 1. Deliver on your promises. More than just asking for money from people, your Kickstarter campaign builds a reputation. People may forget your project but they won’t forget if they gave you money and got nothing back. Deliver what you promise, even if you over-promised. “It’s much better to fail to fund than to fail to deliver,” said presenter Jake Parker. 2. Get social backing for your idea. It’s helpful to have a base of people who know and like your work, because they follow you on social media. Kickstarter can amplify your reach. If you put logs on a fire that is barely going, it won’t help much. However, once you have it going, adding a few logs and you can build a fire. “Social media is kindling, Kickstarter is putting logs on the fire,” Parker said. One way to test a project out is create a Facebook page about the product and see how many likes you can get. If you can’t get at least 1,000 people interested, it may be difficult to fund. 3. Thank your backers. Send a thank you note to your backers. You can message each […]

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