Square Enix announces new crowdfunding platform, Collective

Because crowdfunding can result in big bucks, Square Enix has announced its intention to look to the common, money-laden masses with a new program called Square Enix Collective. The result of a collaboration between Square and crowdfunding site Indiegogo, the new platform will give hopeful developers the chance to get their projects off the ground with the help of the Square Enix community. Here’s how it works in a nutshell. Developers looking to acquire some cash on Collective pitch their game ideas to the community, hopefully receiving positive feedbacks and votes in return, and after a period of 28 days, Square can take the green-lit games and pass them to Indiegogo to try to raise the necessary funds. The company then keeps an eye on the development of each game that gets this far in the process, aiding in its distribution when it is finally completed. The benefit of this system, as Square describes it, it’ll provide you, the funder, with “the reassurance that before a project goes through to the funding stage, it’ll be checked and helped by our team to confirm that the scope of the pitch is in line with the team’s ability and ambition to create, […]

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