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Thailand crowdfunding
Thailand Crowdfunding is a timely and efficient means for a large pool of potential financial donors, sponsors, contributors or investors to provide financial support to a mutually desirable project or venture via a web-based platform. The type of projects or ventures financially backed by crowd funding initiatives include social impact projects, political campaigns, emergency relief, commercial campaigns, artistic works and startup companies.  Crowd funding fits within the crowd sourcing concept in that the solicitation of financial contributions can be cost-effectively accomplished through globally-scaled online and social media channels. Additional benefits associated with crowdfunding include enhanced ability to develop innovative solutions, gather market intelligence, garner idea or product validation, improved branding and increase efficiencies.
There are four primary types of Thailand crowdfunding – donation, reward, lending and equity-based. The focus of the conference was on equity-based crowdfunding as it is the only one of the four subject to the securities regulations of the local capital market.
The Thai startup community should be heartened by the prospects of regulated Thailand crowdfunding. Although in the past few years we have seen a much welcomed increase in the number of Series A investments by venture capital firms and much has been written about the diminishment of the Series A funding gap we have also seen a widening Seed funding gap primarily attributed to the rapid increase in the number of new tech startups during this same time period. Crowdfunding represents an ideal solution for those investors looking for deal flow and startups struggling to identify enough angel investors to satisfy their early-stage funding needs. 
While the SEC is busy developing a functioning Thailand crowdfunding regulatory regime there will need to be an effort by private sector parties to educate both investors and startups. The investors will need to be educated on the concept and workings of crowdfunding. Startup founders will need to understand the golden opportunity crowdfunding represents and learn how to conduct a successful crowdfunding campaign to optimize both the financial and non-financial benefits crowdfunding offers. 

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Here are just a few features for Thailand equity crowdfunding included in the CrowdForce platform software:

• Currency options include $, £, € with more custom options available
• Localization and language packs available
• Complete and simple document signing and management
• Easy offline payments, custom payment solutions available
• Plug in your local escrow account
• Plug in your broker services for accredited investments
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