The Kickstarter Of Solar Gets Ambitious With Military Housing Installation

Mosaic has done a pretty good job of introducing the concept of crowdfunding to solar. By giving anybody the power to invest in solar projects around the United States for as little as $25, Mosaic has become a darling of the cleantech community. So far, the Oakland-based startup has successfully funded $2 million towards 16 solar installations from normal people investing. But most have been pretty small: the biggest project to date has been a 657 kilowatt installation on a charter school in Colorado. But now, it looks like the crowdfunding vehicle is getting a lot more ambitious. A recent project listed on the company’s website is for a 12,270 kW solar installation on U.S. military housing in Fort Dix, New Jersey. That’s quite a big jump. According the listing, the project will provide around 30% of all the electricity needs for 547 homes. It’s being financed through a partnership with bank holding company CIT and military housing developer United Communities. (The U.S. Army and United Communities weren’t available for comment at the time of publishing this post.) “It says to me, they’re confident enough to go big,” says Matthew Feinstein, an analyst at Lux Research, about the project. “They […]

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