The Los Angeles Crowdfunding Film Society is Having a Meet Up Wednesday Night in Hollywood

The Los Angeles Crowdfunding Film Society will have its first meeting this Wednesday night. The “meetup” is open to the public and is sponsored by The International Crowdfunding Film Festival( The event will begin at 7:00 pm and is being held at The Cat & Fiddle, in Hollywood. “It’s worked for Zach Braff, “Veronica Mars” creator Rob Thomas, James Franco and other celebrities and there’s no reason why ordinary filmmakers and creatives can’t also utilize crowdfunding to bankroll their projects,” stated Philip Cardwell, Co-Organizer and leader of the LA group. Who will benefit by participating? Independent Artists that want to learn about the opportunities crowdfunding creates for them Art and Film Students interested in getting involved in or thinking about financing their new project Journalists and business bloggers searching for worthy topics Anyone who is considering supporting crowdfunding film projects “When it comes to marketing their crowdfunding campaigns, celebrities have huge fan bases and therefore can bring the world’s attention to their project. Typically, ordinary people don’t have this advantage. Realizing that we collectively have the ability to harness crowdfunding campaign management, marketing and social media, we’re championing new and innovative methods for film finance that integrate crowdfunding. The Los […]

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