Time Is More Than Just Money For The Denver Broncos

By Richard Bliss For the Denver Broncos, time is the scarcest resource of all. When the Broncos host the Baltimore Ravens on opening day for the NFL—September 5, 2013—future Hall Of Famequarterback Peyton Manning will step up to the line of scrimmage. Manning will scan the field, analyzing the defensive formation, identifying threats, looking for weaknesses, and sorting through the noise. Manning will use his knowledge to execute a plan—including data he received in the prior weeks from watching video of both the Ravens and his own team. He’ll aim to exploit gaps and holes in the Ravens’ defense, while simultaneously exploiting the Broncos’ strengths. And all in real time, on a live stage, with success and failure recognized immediately upon execution. As With The Players, So With IT Before Manning ever runs out onto the field at Mile High Stadium, the Broncos’ dedicated IT staff will have collected, stored, assimilated, managed, protected and delivered terabytes of data to Manning, his teammates, the coaching staff, and fans. This IT performance is also in real time, with success and failure being recognized immediately. In the modern era of the NFL, no team can survive without peak performance from its IT department. NFL teams are […]

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