University Crowdfunding Projects

6 Ideas For Crowdfunding University Projects

Crowdfunding (in which tax deducting donations are made to a project or department) has become a popular means of fundraising in the past few years. It is especially popular among young adults, who do not usually have the funds necessary to jumpstart their big projects or even their careers. Crowdfunding can run the gamut from financing the prototype of a new invention to helping someone pay off medical bills. The following are some crowdfunding university projects ideas that can be used at your local alma mater.

1. Raise money for study abroad. Many study abroad programs require extra fees, such as tuition for the host school and even the airline tickets. Some students may be expected to pay for their own international dorm or to help out their host families. Crowdfunding is a way to let family members help their loved one achieve their dreams of seeing the world. It can also let you fund a program to have international students come to your school for a culture exchange as well.

2. Fund research projects, whether as a thesis writing student or as an entire department. Research costs money, especially if it involves long term traveling or the need for new equipment. Crowdfunding lets you reach your goals in a timely manner when the university isn’t willing to shell out the dough. (Or can’t.)

3. Help you budget school functions, such as socializers and events. Although students supposedly come for the academia, they need fun events to let them let go of stress as well. If you belong to a club or student union lacking funds, this can be a hurdle. Crowdfunding lets you take a couple of dollars from everyone who wants to participate and put on a great party in the music room or fun event at the local cafe.

4. Hire guest speakers or performers. Tied into the tip above, this also can help build student morale while possibly teaching students valuable lessons. Most guest speakers and performers won’t work for free or even cheap. Crowdfunding university projects such as this lets your students hear who they want to hear without breaking the bank.

5. Fund sports teams and events. While some schools are famous for their sports and thus allocate a huge budget to them, not all schools are like this. It may also depend on the type of sport. If you belong to a struggling sports team in desperate need of new equipment and uniforms, it may behoove you to try crowdfunding. Invite all your donators to your next game for free so they can see the new stuff in action.

6. Keep important programs from being cut. Not every university agrees on what programs are necessary to students, and may cut their funding or cut the program entirely. If your campus club is about to get the axe, try crowdfunding to keep it from happening while showing the university how valuable you are.

This is not an exhaustive list of crowdfunding university projects ideas, but it’s a good way to get you started. Set up your donation pool today to get your project going!

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